The initial consultation provides an opportunity to meet and explore the issues that have lead you to seek counselling, how these issues impact on your life, your expectations and whether the services I offer can help you.

My aim in this first session is to gain not only an understanding of the issue or issues that you wish to address but a sense of what part these play in your life as a whole. We will assess how you have coped with these issues in the past, your physical, psychological and emotional resources, your responsibilities, the support available to you and your hopes for the future.

This initial meeting offers us both an opportunity to see how we work together. This is a two way process. It is essential that you have confidence in your counsellor if you are to get the most out of your sessions. If I think that the services I offer cannot provide the help you need, time will be given to explaining the reasons and alternatives will be suggested wherever possible. Since this is not a specialist addiction agency, I will advise people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol how to access specialist help.

If we decide to proceed together, arrangements for future appointments and payment of fees will be agreed during the initial consultation.

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