If you decide the services I offer will meet your needs, we will set up a contract. This is a written agreement which includes practical arrangements such as timing and frequency of sessions, fees, payment arrangements, confidentiality etc. I will also at this point ask you to give consent for me to keep written confidential records of our sessions. These notes help me to reflect between sessions on the work that we are doing together and provide a record of the work that we do together. I comply with the Data Protection Act; all records are kept in a locked filing cabinet and confidentially shredded by me after 7 years.


The counselling service I offer is confidential. Your identity and personal details will always be protected. No information will be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. The only exception I will make is if I judge that there is a serious risk to you or others (including children) or if I am obliged to do so by law (or in the case of supervision your professional code of ethics). In the rare event that I break confidentiality I will contact only those people (e.g. your doctor) who absolutely need to know.

Termination of contract

You have the right to terminate the therapy / coaching contract at any time. I take my professional responsibility to my clients very seriously and for this reason I retain the right to terminate the contract in the event that I feel that I am unable to meet my ethical and professional obligations.

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